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Destination: Switzerland


Famous for the Banking System, chocolates, army knives, the Alps and the 1,500 lakes, Switzerland has much more to offer.

  1. - Te only country with 4 official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh)
  2. - Birthplace of the Red Cross
  3. Native land of 113 Nobel Prize winners including Albert Einstein

Ultimate Experiences:

- Enjoy a visit to the medieval city of a 1,000 year old Chateau de Chillon  that sits on Lake Geneva across the Evian city of France (Chillon.ch) (Among author's favorite places, used to live across from the castle)

- Discover the small village of Gstaad (gstaad.ch) for a great ski experience, hiking or mountain bike

- Gaze at the stars from the Aare Gorge and have a dinner there from April 12 (aareschlucht.ch)

- Cross over the the snowy picks of Mt. Matterhorn and Chur on Bernina Express (rhb.ch)

- Participate on the Jungfrau Marathon with magnificent views of the Alps (jungfrau-marathon.ch)


- Fondue (melted cheeses with croutons) make sure you have red wine with it and no water to digest better
- Raclette (3 or more different Swiss cheeses melted on potatoes, pickles and onions)
- Rosti (a savoury cake style made from grated potatoes and fresh butter)

Depending on the region you will find a variety of tarts, sauces and desserts.

Lifelong Memories:

- Visit the Laufen Castle and walk along the ropes at the greatest adventure park in Switzerland

- Walk just above the Rhine Falls on the edge of the elevated platform (largest waterfall in Europe)

- Visit Graubunden region to experience the Alphorn concert (wooden traditional instruments)

- Swim at the hot springs in Therme Vals hotel spa (Pritzker winner)

- Participate in the famous Jazz Festival in Montreux

What was your favorite thing you did in Switzerland so we can update this article?

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